Prohibited Items When Entering South Korea

Traveling is one of the exciting trip we experience in life, if you are planning to travel any time soon. You should plan ahead and prepare your luggage appropriately to avoid hassle and inconvenience at the airport.  Especially these days there are many rules regarding the things that cannot be carried in the airplane during international flights.

Prohibited Items

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Lately I have been reading question from online community on Facebook about carrying fresh fruits from the Philippines to Korea or vice versa. A traveler should take note that aside from aerosols,  liquids, gas, knives and other bladed items, a traveler is also not allowed to carry fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts in Korea because they can carry pest than can affect the country’s agriculture life.

According to the information I gathered from the airport website

  • When arriving with animals or livestocks, you must submit an animal quarantine certificate from the country of departure to the National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service and receive quarantine.
  • When entering the country with plants, you must submit a plant quarantine certificate from the exporting country and receive quarantine from the plant quarantine station
  • Most fresh fruits, vegetables, walnuts, and plants in soil are prohibited, and when plants are not declared, a fine will be imposed.


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