Royal Gorge Rafting – Helpful Guide on your Rafting Adventure

Royal Gorge is found in the Arkansas River near the Canon City. The Royal Gorge provides some of the best rafting in the United States and the Colorado. It is also known as the “Grand Canyon of the Arkansas”. It has 1,100 feet of granite cliffs and twelve miles of class IV/V rafting via unforgettable rapids. This feature is sure to thrill even stun even the most experienced whitewater rafters.

The background of Royal Gorge

The Rocky Mountains were starting to rise from the plains around about three million years ago. The river of Arkansas, which was a very tiny stream, then started to wear away at the stone that it flowed across. This stream grew big and immensely over the years and in the process cut a deep channel for itself past the granite.

As you raft through the Royal Gorge expect fast-moving water, big drops and waves crashing. Also, don’t put too much of your focus on breathtaking scenery and granite cliffs as the roller-coaster rapids will require all your attention so as to navigate effectively and successfully. However, rafting the twelve mile part can be easily accomplished with the help of rafting companies in Colorado. Most of these companies offer a half a day adventure and if time allows, a full day rafting trip is something you would not imagine missing.

Royal Gorge rafting

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Some of these rafting companies go an extra step and will provide you with both oar boats (the guide rows) and the paddle boats (everyone paddles) for their rafting trips. Most people recommend that the paddle boats are the best option for Royal Gorge rafting. This is because paddle boats give the guests to provide the boats power and have a chance to be part of the action while the guide steers the boat through different obstacles and rapids.

For those who would opt for an oar boat, riding through the canyon of Bighorn Sheep is a great way to combine the beautiful scenery of Colorado while getting the sweet taste of the white water at Colorado.

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