Stay in Top Quality Inns

My husband and I are both backpackers, we are not jet setters.  We travel to see places and not to unwind and stay in luxurious hotel all day. So mostly we stayed in cheap but quality inns and hostels, which are  less expensive and very comfortable to stay and sleep.

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This hostel or inns can be mostly found in the busiest part of the city, in down towns or around the places where most tourist go. The good thing too most of this hostels/inns has restaurant which is either below or in the roof top of the hostel where you can order either local food or other cuisine. Most of them also has internet room or provide free wifi inside your rented room.

One Response to “Stay in Top Quality Inns”

  1. genny says:

    i love the place…i can stay in this place forever…its very homey for me and makes me feel like i am like playing..bahay-bahayan.haha