Essential Things to See and Do in Utah

With its vast expanses of desert and mountains, Utah probably isn’t the first place you’d think of when you want to go on a family holiday, but there are plenty of fantastic things to see and do if you’re passing by or if you’re looking for places to add to your great American roadtrip. If you’re planning on travelling to or through Utah at some point, then make sure you reserve a day or two to visit some of these attractions.

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Ogden houses hundreds of miles of beautiful hiking trails that can be challenged by both foot or bike, making it a fantastic location for families and groups. The rivers offer countless fishing opportunities, and you can even take a tip in the cool clear waters if you want to. If you prefer to travel across the waters, then there are boating tours available for a relaxing afternoon. Let’s not forget that you can also have fun skiing in Ogden, and all of this is only 15 minutes away from Comfort Suites Ogden, making it the perfect hotel to book a room at if you want to explore this winter wonderland. Ogden is the number one spot in Utah for winter sports. With three world-class ski resorts and plenty of powdery snow to play with, this will be an adventure of a lifetime.

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Utah’s National Parks

The Mighty 5 is the name given to five of Utah’s national parks. These famous locations draw in millions of visitors every year and have become some of Utah’s most prized attractions. Whether you want to adventure, relax or do a spot of stargazing, these parks have everything you could want and more. The Mighty 5 consists of Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. There is plenty of fun to be had and countless destinations to explore within The Mighty 5. Whether it’s walking, biking, picnicking, stargazing or hiking, you’ll find something enjoyable here.

Salt Lake City

Of course, we also can’t forget the urban heart of Utah: Salt Lake City. As the gateway to the rest of Utah, Salt Lake City continues to impress visitors with its metropolitan vibes and robust transit hub that extends all over the state. There are countless places to eat, shop and explore. With a bustling food scene that is famous for unique American cuisine and plenty of bakeries and cafes to indulge in, it’ll be hard to pull yourself away from this cosy and modern city. It’s easy to reach Salt Lake City and with the numerous museums, libraries, parks and complexes to explore, you’ll want to spend at least a couple of days here to soak in all of the sights and sounds. It’s also a fantastic place to start your adventure in Utah, considering all of the convenient transport links that reach out of Salt Lake City and the numerous hotels that are spread throughout the city.

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Useful Websites For Travellers

There’s a big world out there just waiting to be explored. So many differing cultures and landscapes to experience. However, planning where to go, what it will cost, and what to do there can be quite daunting because of the vast choice in front of you. There are nearly 200 independent countries on the planet – how do we choose which one to visit?! Here is a selection of travel sites that will help you with getting the facts, making your decision and booking your holiday.

  • First up is There you will find a vast collection of informative articles discussing different types of holidays from family holidays to adventure holidays. These articles are full of hints and tips on topics such as guides for beginners and ways to keep your children entertained. There are country and city overviews with practical information, as well as a shop where you can purchase phrase books and city guides.
  • This is the site to go to for reviews from people who have tried places out. Not only are destinations reviewed, but also restaurants so you can plan right down to where you will eat. Many reviews include photographs too. They also feature award winning destinations and hotels that have been chosen by travellers.


  • This site allows you to book activities to do while you are away. It has information about upcoming events in destinations around the world. You will also find holiday ideas and destination guides too.
  • Other travellers and local people have provided travel guides from around the world, which they share on here. They feature hotel reviews too. Interestingly on this site you can ask your own travel questions and one of the members will answer it for you. This could be most helpful if you have a nagging question that you haven’t seen the answer to on your search.
  • On this site you can search for flights to worldwide destinations, as well as finding available hotels, car hire and apartments/villas. They will search over 700 sites in one go for you to get the best possible prices. You can then go through to the site with the best price to book. The site also includes expert city guides, providing information about the city itself and its history, weather forecasts, and the prices of various items you may wish to buy whilst there.
  • This is quite different in that it focuses on just one destination, Thailand. They tell you all there is to know about Thailand: Where to go, what to see, even where to eat. You can also search their site for travel deals to Thailand.

The reason I have featured this specific site is because it’s a great example of the kind of place to look once you have decided where you are going to go. Being specifically about one country or city, you will get even more extensive information and advice. There are similar sites for a large number of other places around the world too.

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