7 Tips for Eating on a Budget While Traveling

You need to eat while on vacation, and the price of food can add up. However, no matter where you travel, there are cheap options. From individuals to families, and everything in between, make sure that you eat well and within your budget with these tips for eating cheap.

Eat Local

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When traveling internationally, it can be tempting to eat what you know. However, you can save a lot of money by eating local. You’re going to save a lot of money by eating the cuisine of the area, rather than just getting a pizza or burger.

Consider a Buffet

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If you really need to cut down on your food budget, a buffet is a great option. All you can eat buffets allow you to eat as much as you want or need. If you only have enough to cover you for one meal, or one large meal, in a day hit a buffet. You’ll get the food you need at a decent price.

Eat the Continental Breakfast

Continental breakfasts at hotels aren’t always the best. You usually have the option of a few muffins, some cold cereal, and some fruit. If you’re lucky, there might be a few other items to choose from. However, remember that this food is already paid for with the cost of your room. Take advantage of that and eat breakfast at the hotel.

Don’t Ignore the Street Food

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If you are looking for a quick, easy, cheap meal it’s a good idea to hit up the street vendors. You’ll get to try some local food, and it’ll be cheap and delicious. Whether you try food from a cart or a stand, there are many options in most cities.

Pack a Picnic

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Head to the local grocery store and grab groceries for a picnic. Sandwiches don’t cost a lot to make, and having a picnic in a local park is a fun way to unwind and spend a little time people-watching. You can make sure you get exactly the items that you love without worrying about whether or not you ordered your sandwich without pickles, but got them anyway.

Cook Your Own Meals

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Whether you’re staying in a hostel, a rental home, or a hotel with a kitchenette, another cheap option is to cook your own meals. Get the groceries you need and put together your favorite meal for just a few dollars per serving. If you have access to a refrigerator, you don’t have to worry about making too much, either.

Find Deals Online

Do a little research online before heading out for your meals. There are tons of sites that offer coupons and deals. In addition, you can generally find out if a restaurant offers lunch or daily specials. This will help you get the best meals for the best prices, even if you plan to go somewhere that is normally a little more expensive.

When planning cheap vacations, it’s important to plan your meals. Since this is something that easily gets forgotten, make sure you think ahead, or it can quickly add up.

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The 3 Essentials You Need For Any Trip

When travelling, whether relatively near or in a far-away place, there are certain things that you will need for you trip. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are going, who you are venturing there with or even what you are doing; these are the basics which will ensure that you have a happy and healthy time whatever, wherever.

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Travel Insurance

Getting travel insurance for your journey is something that needs to be thought about first and foremost. Anything has the potential to go wrong on your trip, but knowing that some of it is financially backed up is at least one bit that can go towards your peace of mind being restored. You will need to check that your insurance policy has medical insurance within it; some don’t automatically include it, and it can be extremely expensive to get treated in a country that you do not have residency in. Things like lost luggage, flight delays and hotel changes can also be covered – you will just need to ensure that you are checking through the documents that are provided to see if you get them included. It’s worth paying extra for them, just in case one of these things happens to you, but remember to go to a recommended comparison site to get good deal.

Prepaid Money Card

While it’s a good idea to travel with cash, there is also an element of risk to it. If you are travelling in a country that has a high crime rate, such as Honduras or Venezuela, it is safer to travel with a prepaid money card. That way, it’s not linked to your bank account should your card be stolen for fraudulent purposes, and you are not being wiped out of all of your financial resources before your trip has ended. It is also good to take a fake or old wallet to put at the top of your bag. That way, the thief will take it without delving further into your bag to find where the real money is stashed – they’ll just think they’ve hit the jackpot with the empty wallet that’s on the top.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling across the country that you live in or flying halfway across the world – taking identification with you is vital. That way, should anything untoward happen, you will be able to be identified easily and help gotten your way as quickly as possible. If you don’t want to leave your hotel room or hostel with your passport on you, look at investing in a cheaper form of ID to carry with you at all times. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to lose the main documentation that can get you from A to B, so ensure that this is kept in a safe place that is easily accessible. If you lose the identification that you have on you that has been bought with the intention of possibly being lost or stolen, it’s not such a bad thing – just make sure it’s nothing that can be used against you, such as a driving license.

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Top Tips for Budget Breaks

In the market for cheap package holidays this summer? Then don’t leave home without checking out some of these top tips for budget breaks – they could save you a small fortune on your next getaway!

DIY holidays

For those that like to go their own way and book their own holidays, there are plenty of low-cost flights out there serving all the main holiday destinations several times per week during the summer, and many small resorts and airports too. The best way to grab the lowest fares is to book well in advance, as the best prices are short-lived and soon sky-rocket the closer you get to the departure date.

Accommodation deals vary enormously, as some hoteliers offer the cheapest prices early on while others advertise late deals. The good thing is that there is often high competition between hoteliers in holiday resorts, so if one hotel puts its prices up, the chances are there will be one on the next street that’s more affordable.

[Varanasi, India]

Package holiday deals

If you want to find holiday deals through a package tour operator, you can still find last-minute bargains by booking within a few weeks of the departure date. This is a great way to snap up a low-cost break as many tour operators drop their prices to avoid letting flight seats and hotel rooms go empty. Flexibility is key as availability is limited, so make sure you’re as flexible with your criteria as possible to get the best prices.

You’ll often find early bird deals on package holidays too. Tour operators frequently offer great discounts on next season’s holidays, and this also gives you extra time to pay off the cost of the booking and save some spending money too. So the general rule is that booking in advance is usually the best all-round choice for any style of holiday.

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How To Save Money On Transport While Travelling

During travelling unnecessary costs can easily build up, eating into your precious budget. Transportation is one of those factors that can prove expensive if not dealt with carefully. It’s easy to call a taxi and book the first flight you see, but shopping around and choosing more cost effective options can save you a lot of money.

Travelling From One Destination To Another

The initial flight to your destination can often be costly, especially if it is long haul. There are various levels of comfort, luxury, and prices you can go for. No matter what kind of flight you book, there are always ways to make sure you’re choosing the right deal.

Buy your tickets as early as possible; the closer to the flight, the higher the prices are. Make sure you shop around and check comparison sites for the cheapest costs. They will vary depending on the date and number of tickets left. Try to be as flexible as possible, as costs can differ dramatically; Wednesdays and Saturdays are usually cheaper. Flights with connections can also work out a lot cheaper, so if you aren’t in a rush opt for these.

[Photo courtesy of unsplash.com /pexels.com]

When you do arrive at your destination, make sure you have already planned how to get to your accommodation from the airport. Check the ‘how to go here’ instructions on your hotel’s website. It will normally list the public transport and directions needed, which will give you a good idea when you arrive. Most agents will direct you towards expensive taxi’s, but always check public transport too as this is normally a fraction of the cost.

Travelling Within Your Destination

When you are settled into your location, you will want to get around and visit the sites. For places that are too far to walk, you will need to consider transport options. The best option is to ask at reception. The staff are normally very willing to help, and as they are locals they’ll have all the inside knowledge. If public transport is unreliable, consider hiring a car rather than using taxis. Low damage excess car hire can work out very cost-effective, so ask around for recommended companies and explain what kind of journeys you’ll be making.

Where To Find Information?

It can be difficult to find information when you are abroad, especially if you don’t speak the language. But in most places, you only need to simply ask! Most locals will be pleased to show you around their home, and staff tend to go out of their way to assist you. There are tourist information points in most cities, and the staff here will normally speak English to some degree.

Failing that, the internet is a wonderful place for finding information quickly. It is relatively easy to purchase plane and train tickets online, with passes saving you money if you’re going to be doing a lot of travel. Take a photo or screenshot of maps, in case you have no internet access later, and write down directions where you can.

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Planning a Trip to the USA? A Guide to Travelling From State to State

If you are planning a trip the United States of America, there are so many things that you could see and do. You might have a specific destination in mind, or you might want to see several states in one trip. It will be such an exciting and fun time. If you are planning to visit a few places, you need to think about how you will travel. There are a few options that would work well. Here are some options and things that you should consider.

If you are in America, you can’t go too far wrong with a good old road trip! If you want to rent a car to travel from state to state, there are a few requirements, though. If you aren’t a citizen or permanent resident, you will need to be over 21 to rent a car. You might even need to be 25 for some rental companies. So make sure that you check out what your chosen company’s rules are. There are so many routes that you could take and different stops that you could make. It might be difficult to decide which the best route for you is. Check out a site like http://www.visittheusa.com to give you a little guidance.

[Historic Route 66 in New Mexico, USA – Marcin Wichary/wikipedia.org]

Bus travel is one of the most inexpensive ways to travel in the US. There are plenty of bus stations across states, sometimes more than airports. So it will be easy to travel from place to place. You should think about the route that you want to take, though. It may be a cheap way to travel, but it isn’t one of the fastest. So if your travel will take a few days, you need to bear in mind the cost of food and perhaps lodging. You could even choose to hire a bus or small van for driving. It might end up cheaper than hiring a car. A site like http://www.chicagobuschartercompany.com would show you how much you could expect to pay.

If the destinations you would like to visit are at opposite ends of the country, you could consider flying. It might cost a little more, but it is very quick and efficient. You should take into account the time of year that you are visiting and which areas. If it is the winter months and you are in areas that are likely to get snow, flights could get canceled. Somewhere like Denver even gets flights canceled into April! That would be such a nightmare to your plans. So think about where and when you want to visit. You don’t want to be delayed in a city because your flight has been canceled.

Good luck as you plan your trip to the US. You won’t regret it; you will have the best time ever. Just think about the pros and cons of each way to travel, to make sure that you will be able to make the most of your time over here. Have a great time!

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How To Prepare For Your Volunteering Adventure

If you’ve planned a volunteering adventure or it’s something you really want to do, then you must be so excited! An adventure like this one will not only change the lives of others, it’ll change yours too. To have the best time, it only makes sense to go prepared. Here’s how to prepare for your volunteering adventure:

Read Up On The Place

Before you head off on your volunteering adventure, read up on the place you’re volunteering with. They will help you if you need any advice, and you can learn a lot by reading about other people’s experiences. However, you can’t guarantee that yours will go the same way, so don’t treat them as gospel.

Learn All About Local Culture

You should have an idea of where you’re going to go, so learn all about the local culture. Learning about the local culture will give you some sort of idea on what to expect. You’ll also learn how not to offend people, as this can be a big problem when travelling to foreign countries. Even if you volunteer with Orangutans, you’ll need to interact with local people! Something that is innocent enough in your home country might be considered extremely rude in another culture. Respecting cultures and traditions is important, even while volunteering.

[Photo courtesy of MoBikeFed/flickr.com]

Make A List Of Things To Take With You

Make a list of things to take with you so you don’t feel like you’ve forgotten anything. You should be able to find lists online, but it’ll probably vary depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing. As with any adventure like this, it’s probably a good idea to pack as light as you can.

Save As Much As You Can

Volunteering isn’t free, so you should save as much as you can to live comfortably while you’re out there. The money you save will help you to purchase food, souvenirs, phone cards to stay in touch with family, and of course any other adventures you want to have while you’re away. You’ll always wish you had more money, so make sure you save as much as you can!


Take Safety Precautions

Taking safety precautions will ensure that you have peace of mind on your travels, and stay safe. You should do things like note down important numbers, and keep things like your passport in a safe place. If you plan on going exploring in your free time, let people know where you’re going and when you expect to be back.

Book A Doctor’s Appointment

No matter where you’re going, booking a doctor’s appointment is essential. You’ll be checked over to make sure you’re good to go, and you’ll also have any vaccinations you might need to keep you healthy on your trip.

Your volunteering adventure will likely be the best thing you ever do. Just make sure you prepare for it properly, and you’ll have the most incredible experience. Just think of the stories you’ll be able to tell when you arrive home! Do you have tips for preparing for an adventure such as this? Leave a comment!

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Find Enjoyment in Budget Travel

Traveling abroad or even for a short distance trip has to be planned ahead or else you will end up calling your friends and loved ones to save you from embarrassment of not paying your hotel bill. Money is the barometer if you want to enjoy your vacation away from home.

Budget travel includes figuring out how much money you will need for the transportation, food, hotel accommodation and shopping. Although you can shop for cheap buys from flea markets, always bring extra cash and credit cards to get you out of trouble when you run out of budget.

Budget Travel

[Image source gaebler.com]

Buy plane ticket when the airline company offers a promo. Research the place that you are going to visit and find out where to avail of low room rates and delectable meals at low prices.

Include in your budget travel where to find a cheap travel agency to process the visa. Travel insurance is needed so don’t forget to include it when you travel abroad to free yourself from financial burden when something bad will happen during your trip.

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Upcycled Travel Items Every Wanderlust Would Love To Have

These days, upcycling has become a big trend in various industries. It has become so big that it is now starting to invade the fashion as well as the travel industry.

For people who are not aware about what upcycling is, this is a process in which you reuse an object in a way that you would be able to create a product that has a higher value or quality than that of the original item. With this new trend, everyone is given the chance to not only reuse old items but to find better use for them.

Nowadays, things are starting to be upcycled into travel items that you can most certainly find a use for. Here are some of them:

Upcycled travel pouches  and bags

There is now a company that recreates rubber rubbish into travel gears such as bags and pouches. Surprisingly, such items are considered not only functional but tough as well. This helps people not only to be environmentally aware but fashionable as well.

Woman Traveling

Upcycled travel game boards

DVD and CD cases are now becoming a lot more useful as well. Some upcycling experts have figured out a way on how to turn such useless items into travelling checkers or chess, coloring kit and even travel mazes. With these useful and handy items, you will surely not going to be bored on your trip! You can also try making the most out of your old CDs and DVDs by selling them online.

Upcycled Travel Condiment Tubes

People have also found a way to turn straws into travel sized condiment tubes where you can store your toothpaste, shampoo, lotion and conditioner.

Have fun traveling with your up cycled travel items!

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Essential Steps to Planning a Round the World Trip

There is so much to see out there, but a multi stop flight around the world is an excellent way to take a lot of it in. If you’ve got more than 80 days to spare you’ll get to see a lot, but whatever your timeframe there are several things you should consider when booking your round the world trip.


Where are you going to start? Do you go to your furthest destination and make your way back or just keep going until you land somewhere familiar? Whichever you choose, a ’round the world’ ticket is a really good option. Of course the more stops you want to make the more expensive it becomes. The way it works is you start and end at the same airport, you then choose a certain number of destinations, and you can change the dates of the flights in between, as long as you still return by your original final date and you stick to the same airports. This type of ticket actually allows quite a lot of flexibility during your trip provided you don’t change your mind about destinations. It’s best to use a travel agent to organise this sort of ticket as it can get a bit complicated and they can usually make some helpful suggestions.

Around the World Travel


It’s so tempting to take all your favourite clothes, something nice to wear for evenings out, high heels and a 3 piece suit but just don’t. Take as little clothing as possible and definitely don’t take anything which you’re going to be really upset about losing. You’re going to buy loads of things while you’re travelling and you just don’t need that many clothes, they’re washable. Trust me, I thought my fashion sense would be horribly wounded by wearing the same 3 t-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts for 6 weeks, but it didn’t, I survived.


With a round the world ticket you’ll need a precise start and end date. You can of course not bother with any of that, buy a ticket to one location and then make your mind up later about where you’d like to go next. However, as wonderful as that freedom is, it could end up being very expensive, not just in travel costs but also because it’s important to budget for how long you intend to be travelling. If a year turns into two you might find yourself in a bit of a financial pickle. One thing which could be very valuable to you is doing a TEOFL course before you go. Simply by virtue of being a native English speaker you are highly employable in many other countries. Having a TEOFL qualification to teach English as a foreign language could give your finances a much needed top-up in another country. Before you leave, don’t forget to budget for things like travel insurance, visas, vaccinations and travel supplies (sun block is surprisingly pricey!) The most important thing you can do for your budget when you’re travelling is to be vigilant. As dirty as your clothes might be and as tanned as you may have become you’re still highly distinguishable as a ‘Wealthy Westerner’ and therefore perfect prey for the pickpocket. Don’t live your life in fear but do take sensible precautions.



Number one rule of travel: have fun! You’re going to see some spectacular sights, meet some wonderful people and just generally have a fantastic time. Take some photos to make everyone back home jealous of your exciting adventure.

 Fiona Wright is a freelance travel writer and rambler.

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Timeshare Vacation for Ultimate Relaxation

Vacations are a great way to spend time with family, to unwind and forget the stress of working but they can be expensive. Owning  a timeshare vacation package is one of the best alternative way to save money while you are enjoying a fabulous vacation, these vacation homes are complete with amenities so you have nothing else to worry, just enjoy.

Timeshare  too is one of the best ways of investing money as well as saving if you frequently spent most of your time  renting a luxury suite on your favorite hotel resort. This program allows  you to buy  a home that you can use for your vacation plans and  it is a way better than renting a suite in a hotel where there’s a lot of disturbances but of course you should only buy in a resort that you regularly visit to make use of the advantages.

With timeshares you are allowed to enjoy luxury vacation resorts without  owning or renting for  a long term and Mexico holds an astounding 40%  of all timeshares  resorts worldwide.

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