Walking in Hyehwa

Our plans to go to Nami Island last Thursday was not materialized because of personal reasons. Last Sunday my friend and I together with her husband and some of her friends met up in Hyehwa.  It was like their despidida party  because they are already flying to America on Wednesday.  It was a very busy day in Hyehwa there’s a lot of couples walking, group and friends walking and eating together.


After walking along the Filipino supermarket we went to a buffet restaurant, Self Bar and had an unlimited meat. The buffet cost ₩10,000 per head and it was enjoyable.

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Sunday Mass at Hyehwa Catholic Church and Filipino Market

On my over four years of existence in Korea, this is the first time that I attended a mass and go to Hyehwa-dong in Seoul. My friend and I met last Sunday in Hyehwa we attended the afternoon mass in Tagalog (1:30PM) where I am able to see and meet many Filipinos. It was like little community of Filipinos.

 Hyehwa Catholic Church (Seoul)

After the mass we went to the informal Filipino Market nearby, I am not able to look around when we passed by because we decided to attend the mass first before buying stuff I want.  I bought few native foods and vegetables like string beans (sitaw), bitter melon (amplaya), ladies finger (okra) and kangkong.

Hyehwa Filipino Market

The Hyehwa Filipino Market is only around every Sunday from morning ’until night. To get there get off the Hyehwa station (line 4) and go out at exit 4 and just walk straight.

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