Health and Safety Tips and Advice for Travelling to Bali

Whilst Bali is comparatively safe compared to many other places across the world there are a number of precautions that travellers should take to ensure their health and safety when visiting.


If you are taking part in activities that have risks associated with them such as diving or trekking then keep vigilant and be aware of your own well being as Indonesia does not have the same level of health and safety as the UK.

Take care when swimming. There are strong currents and heavy surf at Kuta Beach and those to the north and south of the island so make sure to swim between the flags. Even more protected beaches can be treacherous and not all have lifeguards.

Royal Temples, Mengwi

[Royal Temples, Mengwi]

Road safety

Driving in Bali can be dangerous. Pedestrians are also often at risk as footpaths are frequently in poor condition and it is necessary to walk in the road. Do not expect traffic to necessarily stop at pedestrian crossings.


Travellers should be extremely cautious if consuming local liquor, particularly arak. This local rice wine can contain methanol if not brewed correctly and is potentially fatal.


Expect to be offered drugs in tourist areas, on the beach and in nightclubs. Do not be tempted. At the best the “dealer” may be in cahoots with the police and trying to elicit a fine for you, at worst you could end up with a lengthy jail sentence or even pay with your life if you are found guilty of dealing.

Beggars and hawkers

It is likely that you will be approached by beggars and hawkers whilst in Bali, particularly around tourist areas. The best thing to do is to completely ignore them, even if they give you a friendly greeting otherwise they are likely to latch on to you. Bear in mind that they are simply trying to make a living so if you’ve no intention of buying from them you’re wasting their time.

Prambanan Temple

[Prambanan Temple]


As with any area that attracts tourists there are those that try to rip them off. Common scams in Bali include a “friendly” local discovering a problem with your car or motorcycle and introducing you to a trusted mechanic who then demands a significant sum of money and money changers who use sleight of hand to keep back currency.


Whilst violent crime is relatively rare, petty theft such a pick pocketing and theft from parked cars is more commonplace. Lock all belongings away and carry money in money belts for extra security. Use the safe facilities that are available at your hotel.

As well as taking general precautions it is advisable to check for current advice on the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices website ( before travelling.

Bali is renowned for its beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery, excellent water sports and relaxed atmosphere. By taking sensible steps to protect your health and safety you will be able to ensure that you get the most out of your time there.

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The Countries That Best Demonstrate What Asia Has to Offer Visitors

Rather than sticking to the destinations that you’re already familiar with, why not head further afield? There are so many countries in Asia that can offer you something different and interesting when it comes to tourism. So, which of these Asian countries best demonstrate what the continent has to offer you as a visitor? Keep reading to find out.


If you’re looking for a little rest and relaxation in Asia, Indonesia could be the best location for you. It’s a very attractive area with some great locations in which to relax. In particular, you should look at Seminyak. It has some of the best beaches on the continent. But it also has lots of luxury retail outlets nearby too for when you get tired of the beach. It’s a location that is made for people who want to relax and simply have a good time.

[Photo courtesy of (WT-shared) Jpatokal at wts wikivoyage /]


India is such a huge and vast country. There are so many different parts of it that you could visit. You probably won’t have time to see everything of that it has to offer. But don’t let the size and scope of the country put you off. You can experience the serenity of the Ganges, or you can see the natural side of the country. For a glimpse into the spiritual aspect of the country, you should go to Char Dham in India. It offers an unforgettable sacred journey.


These days, China is a very modern country. And this is something that you can see if you visit any of its major cities. Beijing, China’s capital for more than 800 years, and Shanghai are the two best examples of this. But the history of the country is always combined well with these modern aspects. The Great Wall is always an important visit, but there is much more than that. Ancient temples and buildings are littered throughout the country, and some of them are very impressive indeed.

[Photo courtesy of  walter688 /]


Japan is another country that combines the future and the past very well. You won’t find any metropolis in Asia that’s more impressive than Tokyo. It’s a vast urban jungle that you can explore for weeks. It’s a city that is always at the centre of Asia’s pop culture scene, and this is something you can’t get away from. The food and strong array of restaurants in Tokyo are also very good. You’ll also discover the popularity of karaoke bars if you go out for the night in the city.

[Photo courtesy of  amateur Design /]


Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is like none of the other locations discussed here. It’s a charming and quiet location, but it is also in the process of growing and expanding. This makes now the ideal time to visit the area. You can also discover a lot by visiting the countryside and seeing how life plays out in this fascinating country. The lakes, with the mist hanging low over the water, are incredibly beautiful and definitely shouldn’t be missed. There are plenty of great parks too.

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Jakarta – 3 Fun Family Experiences

Depending on where demographers draw the line, Jakarta has between 10 million and 28 million people.  Either way, you’ll feel the human crush that only humid South-East Asian cities seem to be able to provide.  But isn’t that part of why you travel?  To swallow a brief sensation of how others on our planet live?

Jakarta was established as a trading port in the fourth century as part of the Kingdom of Sunda and its geographical position and natural resources saw it rise in importance.  In 1619 the Dutch defeated the English and renamed the city Batavia and it became the local head office of the Dutch East India Company.  After WWII, independence was declared and it was renamed Jakarta, or as some refer to it, The Big Durian, the Indonesian equivalent of The Big Apple.

View of Jakarta from the National Monument (449 ft. tall), Jakarta

[View of Jakarta from the National Monument (449 ft. tall), Jakarta]

If you’re planning a visit, check out these…


Also known as Old Batavia, Kota is a walk down Jakarta’s memory lane.  Historical sites and sensations abound as this antique area within its walled compound tells a story of how life existed 3 – 4 hundred years ago.  Café Batavia, the old art deco Jakarta Station, Jakarta History Museum, Glodok, Toko Merah, Fatahilah Square and meandering beside the canal will take you back to the colonial era that gave birth to the modern sprawling city only a few blocks away.  It’s a wonderful history lesson on foot.  Mosey on down to Sunda Kelapa and experience this old port’s charm while photographing all the colourful pinisi (traditional two-masted sailing boats) you can handle.  You’re bound to blow up one of these shots for the mantle-piece.

Jakarta History Museum

[Jakarta History Museum (former City Hall building under the Dutch), Jakarta]

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

A theme park dedicated to its host country, this place is where you want to go if you can’t get to the real thing.  In East Jakarta, it comprises 100 hectares designed to encapsulate all aspects of Indonesian culture and daily life.  Clothing, traditions, architecture and dance are all portrayed faithfully and there is even a lake with a manufactured representation of the main islands that comprise the archipelago.  The Buddhist temple at Borobudur has also been replicated and will leave you thirsting after a visit to this magical monk-house.


The fourth of the franchise, this place may plant seeds of relief or despondence in many parents.  You see, it’s a place where children get to experience some of the realities that accompany many given professions.  The local currency unit is the Kidzo and when your child runs out of these, he/she must work to earn more.  If your child is drawn to becoming a doctor, then perhaps early retirement is for you.  However, if, like my 8 year old, she is drawn to the broom closet, you could be hard at it for many years.

Kids love this place and it’s a fun family break from all the culture. So check out flights to Jakarta and join in the fun.

The Author… Sam Smith+ derives too much enjoyment from travel.  His infectious love for his chosen field has even been known to make airport security staff smile.
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