Travel Guide to Korea

Before going to a different country or a new place, it is important that you perform some research first. The following are some of the things that you as a traveler need to bear in mind before making up your mind to travel to Korea.

To start with, obtaining flight tickets to Seoul does not wholly guarantee you entrance. Nationals form various countries are supposed to obtain visas from the Korean embassies back in their home nations to enter legally. Depending on the purpose of entry, an appropriate visa is going to be issued. Legal procedures should be followed after the submission of the outlined requirements.


Travelers also need to bear in mind that it is not all the Koreans can converse fluently in English. In some of the cases it has been realized that some of them usually get terrified being addressed in that foreign language. But signs have translations and taxis have free interpreters. Thus, travelers need to take time and study even the basic phrases. It would be enough to use simple greetings such as “kamsahamnida” meaning thank you.

As a tourist, you need to stay informed of the Korean weather conditions before you decide to travel. Spring comes between March/April to May/June. Summer falls between June/July to August. Autumn falls between August/September to November/December. Winters comes in between November or December to February or March.

The benefit of knowing the seasons is because it will help in selecting the type of clothing you should bring about. For those who live in subtropical and tropical nations, the cold seasons can be literally very cold for them. It is advisable to bring scarves, earmuffs, jackets and coats when visiting in such a season. Staying comfortable during the nights is assured of as most of hotels in this country have heaters installed in the rooms.

The above sums up some of the things a tourist should know before heading to Korea. A travel adventure is truly worth the experience in case you are prepared to travel to this wonderful nation.

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Excited to Visit Nami Island Soon

For the second time my friend in Seoul invited me to visit Nami Island and for this time I agreed to go with them.  It was originally scheduled this Tuesday but because she has a work it was moved to Thursday and I am excited already.

Nami Island

[Image not Mine]

Nami is a half-moon shaped island located in Chuncheon, South Korea. The name originated from General Nami who died at the age of 28 after being falsely accused of treason during the reign of King Sejo, the seventh king of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. Although his grave wasn’t discovered, there were a pile of stones where his body was supposed to be buried. It was believed that if someone took even one stone from there, it would bring misfortune to their house.

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Spring Flower Festival in Seoul

Cherry Blossoms are admired by everybody and I consider myself lucky for having to see them every spring in Korea, that’s why when I have heard of the festival in Seoul I immediately invited my friend to see it. I went to Seoul few days ago, I ate lunch on my friend’s house and after which we took the Seoul Subway to the station where the festival was taken place.

Cherry Blossoms

There are a lot of people, tourist, by passers and visitors. Every one was enjoying the moment and the cherry blossoms adorning the street, it was good thing that cars are not allowed on the street on the entire duration of the festival. We had so much fun taking pictures and wandering around just too bad we are not able to see a parade.

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