Saving Up In New York Staying In Affordable Hotels

New York is one of the cities in the world that frequently gets visitors. Not only because it is the center of business and fashion but it also houses the John F. Kennedy International Airport; known for being the 17th busiest airports in the world.

One day visit is for sure not enough but don’t worry because you would be scheduling up another visit anytime soon. Bear in mind that in order to fully explore its beauty, make sure you know how to budget your time and most importantly your money.

New York, Skyline, New York City, City, Manhattan

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Staying in New York might be costly but if you just know where to look, they also have several affordable hotels located near major establishments. Staying here would also mean learning to reach some of the destinations on your feet. Full-blooded New Yorkers know how to do the subway and can walk from several minutes without losing their poise.

Another way of keeping your New York visit at a lower cost would be booking your flights few months before your planned visit. It would also include booking at the affordable hotels in advance because in New York anytime can get busy thus anytime can become a peak season and you might end up having a hard time to look for a place to stay.

Since you’ve already saved up on staying in affordable hotels and booking your flights in advance, you will have enough budget to try out their sumptuous dishes. The city is known to be the melting pot of various international cuisines and this is something that you shouldn’t miss. Invest on their food and don’t forget to take pictures.

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Enjoying the Ecstasy of Central Park Horse and Carriage Rides

Keeping your daily course aside and going for a family entertainment is something that could help people experience a soothing and joyful moment. We all want to do something different and in a busy city like the New York the chance to get away from the rush even for a single day is a great experience. So why not make the most of it by doing something different? When it comes to enjoy differently we bet there is no better than Central Park horse and carriage rides. With amazing horse carriage riding, you get close and personal with nature. All we can say that this is the best way to enjoy a day in the park. You can savor the smells and sound by going around the most important features and destination within the place.

It is no secret that Valentine’s day is right around the corner, and you may not have given a single thought to how you are going to impress your beloved and sweet heart this February 14th. Instead of the typical box of flowers, chocolates and champagne, why not break with tradition and treat you and your special someone to a Valentine that you will both enjoy and look back fondly on for many years to come. If this is the scenario come and enjoy Central Park Horse and Carriage Ride that can help you attain ecstatic moments in your life.

Central Park

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Contrary to the common perception about the splendid city of New York, that it’s a posh city laden with skyscrapers and some massive landmarks, the place actually has a significant amount of greenery. Almost 15 percent of this city is covered by soothing and splendid greenery. When tourists get weary of the city’s chaotic traffic, sightseeing and other activities, they can find relief in its numerous parks. These parks are ideal for travelers of various profiles including the kids and students and grownups who wish to celebrate moments with their loved ones.

We can say that Central Park is one of the most thronged and famous park in the city of New York, Central Park witnesses millions of footfalls around the year. It is a campus where you will never be short on entertainment and recreation options- including horse carriage ride, boating, exploring wildlife etc. It also houses several entertainment programs and events at certain times of the year. Its open air ice rink is another major attraction for visitors.

So don’t waste your time and come to this amazing place to enjoy your holiday or weekend this month. With plenty of options available we bet it will be a memorable and joyous moment in your entire life. This will be a moment which you can share with your friends, peers and loved ones. With reasonable and affordable horse riding packages we have emerged as one of the sought after recreation and entertainment hub in United States, come and grab the moment with our exciting and amazing horse carriage rides.

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5 of America’s Best Attractions for Local Residents

Some of the best places to live in America are close to world-famous attractions. The same cities that make great places to raise a family attract millions of tourists with their beaches, theme parks and museums. Fortunately, living near a popular attraction is also the easiest and cheapest way to take advantage of it. Here are five top American attractions that residents can enjoy in a way that no tourist ever could:

Disney World, Florida

A standard Disney World seven-day ticket can set you back a jaw-dropping $450. A Premium Annual Pass, on the other hand, costs less than $800 per year. For that you get unlimited access to all four Florida theme parks, and to Disney World’s two water parks. You also get free parking, discounts in shops and restaurants and access to Disney golf courses.

Disney World

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Denali National Park, Alaska

It costs $10 per person to get into the Denali National Park, which is located in Alaska and includes Mt. McKinley. Visitors can see caribou, wolves, grizzly bears and other wild animals roaming a snowy wilderness landscape. If you live in the area, you can take advantage of a $40 annual pass. The pass doesn’t just provide year-round access for one person; it provides year-round access for an additional three adults. Permanent US residents aged 62 or over can get a lifetime Senior Pass for the price of a standard ticket.

Denali National Park, Alaska

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Universal Studios Hollywood, California

A single-day ticket for Universal Studios Hollywood costs more than $80. Locals can purchase a 12-month Premium Star Pass for around $160, complete with free parking and in-park food and merchandise discounts. You need only spend two days in the theme park to make your purchase worthwhile, though if you live in the local area it’s likely that you’ll want to go much more often.

Universal Studios Hollywood, California

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SeaWorld San Diego, California

Also in California, SeaWorld San Diego is another attraction that offers a great deal for local residents. Pass-holders get discounts and free parking, as well as cut-price tickets for other SeaWorld attractions including Aquatica water parks and Discovery Cove. A single SeaWorld ticket costs more than $80, and a two-year Platinum Pass costs just a little under $400 though there are a range of cheaper annual memberships starting at $145. Meanwhile, residents can also purchase the SeaWorld Fun Card which comes without in-park discounts but gives a year of unlimited entry for the price of one standard ticket.

SeaWorld San Diego, California

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The American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, New York

As one of America’s biggest and best museums, the American Museum of Natural History has plenty for residents to see. General museum tickets cost a little over $20, and additional exhibitions cost extra, whilst annual memberships start at $105 and include an extensive list of benefits. Family memberships reduce costs even further for families living in New York.

The American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, New York

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If you’re looking for places to live in America, then you might not want to base your decision on which attractions you’ll find nearby, though there are probably thousands of Disney fans that would love to spend every day in one of the Disney parks. Still, it’s nice to know that big attractions can provide great deals for residents that live in tourist hot spots.

Why not comment below, and tell us about your favourite American attractions? Do you live close to a popular theme park, or a museum that sells season passes? Would you move house to be closer to your favourite tourist attraction?

David Wilson writes for AreaVibes, the specialists in the best places to live in the USA.

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