The Best Canadian Lodges Are In Bella Coola

There are a lot of great reasons for visiting a wilderness resort. One is certainly the beauty of the environment and the being close to nature. The scenes can be breathtaking and the fun can be unforgettable. At Tweedsmuir Park resort life-long memories are made.The wilderness is teaming with wildlife and rugged landscapes making for a great vacation area for families, family reunions, boy scout or girl scout trips, corporate groups, or honeymooning couples. This is where visitors get to enjoy one of the greatest Grizzly Bear tours anywhere. Sometimes guests can spot as many as 15 to 20 bears in one float down the Atnarko River. The Mckenzie drift boats used for the tours give guests a comfortable seat from where they can view these magnificent Grizzly Bears as they roam through their natural habitat. The guides are highly trained and experienced in handling these outdoor situations. Again, one of these tours is nothing less than ‘unforgettable’. This is where guests can enjoy the ultimate in nature experiences.

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The activities that guests can participate in are fantastic. Aside from the Grizzly Bear safari there is some excellent fishing. Guides will lead guests on a long drift along the Atnarko and stop at every good fishing hole along the way. For those who just want to walk around and take in the scenery up-close and personal there are guided nature walks. On the Fjord trips guests can visit the hot springs and view the where the interlinking fjords reach the river from the ocean. Here they can catch a few crabs or shrimp as well as spot dolphins, seals, and orcas. If hiking is their passion they will surely love to go ‘heli-hiking’. There are helicopter adventures all designed to fit several categories of fitness levels and interests. They can range from a short leisurely walk to a long and strenuous hike. Guests will get to enjoy wilderness places that are otherwise inaccessible.

Bird enthusiasts who visit here are in for a real treat. The area there is a transitional zone where birds flock from the wet coastal climate seeking the drier interior climate. This means plenty of bird and a bio-diversity that makes for excellent bird photography conditions. Bald Eagles are seen there all the time. Even one of the all-time favorites the ‘hummingbird’ comes to feed at the feeders that are put out. While watching the birds is very hard not to also see Mountain Goats, Black Bears, Moose, Deer, and of course the Grizzlies.

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Jackie Sno loves to write about her travels, and recently has fallen in love with Bella Coola in BC. She had an amazing vacation with her family at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge and highly recommends you visit to see what amazing activities they have to offer!

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