The Expat’s Guide to Egypt

Egypt might appear to some to be a nation that can only offer an unstable environment, but an expat with a taste for adventure is likely to find plenty of new opportunities.

Work in Egypt

For the aspiring expat who might want to further his or her career, working for an international company in Egypt is likely to be an appealing opportunity. Whether it’s an American company with an Egyptian location or an international company that truly does business on a global scale, working in Egypt isn’t likely to be the same experience as employment in the US. Syngenta and Shell are only two of the many differing types of global corporations that have locations in Egypt.

Expat Living in Egypt

[Muslims waiting to break fast during Ramadan near Khan el-Khalili Souq, Cairo]

Get Starting Living

Taking the time to study Arabic is likely to make life in Egypt significantly more simple and trouble-free. Becoming at least semi-fluent in Arabic may make simple things like finding accommodations, ordering a meal, or communicating with neighbors and coworkers a great deal more easy. Public transportation such as buses, trains, and airplanes can be found in Egypt; getting to where you are going may be less of a hassle if you know how to tell people where you want to go. If you’re an aspiring expat, then careful planning and preparation prior to taking your final flight out of the US is an essential step that might be of interest to you.

Obtain Comfortable Accommodations

Finding a place to stay in Egypt before you move there doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Asking around and looking on the Internet is likely to lead you towards an ideal living space in your country of choice on the other side of the world. Websites oriented towards assisting people with finding roommates that already have a living space make finding a new home in a different location into a hassle-free process. For the expat who has already made a decision as to his or her preferred nation, finding accommodations prior to making the move is a must.

Karnak Temple, Luxor

[Karnak Temple, Luxor]

Useful Information

What every expat might want to keep in mind is that Egypt a a nation that isn’t likely to be exactly the same as the US. For Muslims, the reality of life in a country with only a minority of Christians is likely to be a liberating new experience. Others individuals with a greater level of attachment to American culture might feel a little out of place when they initially arrive. Egypt offers plenty of places to dine in, go shopping at, and experience. But, becoming acclimated to the new country is likely to take time.

For the expat who might be female, daily life in Egypt is likely to be slightly different than the the experience of living in Egypt that a male expat might have. Since Egypt is a nation where Muslims are in the majority, a female expat can expect to experience a change in her lifestyle. Many men in Egypt attempt to set up women as the target of fraud scams because they perceive them to be too naive to anticipate being victimized. Whether you are male or female, the best advice for moving to Egypt to keep on your mind before going is to be prepared.

Ahmad Shama, , A Content Copywriter that works for Dubizzle Egypt. a leading classified website in Egypt.

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