The Most Exotic Wedding Locations

Your big day is meant to be one of the most memorable of your lives. You’re committing your lives to each other and you want to ensure that you’re in the most memorable location with all of your favourite people there to share it with you.

Of course, you have plenty of options when it comes to the location. It’s tradition in the United Kingdom that the bride gets married in the city, town or village she comes from but many would prefer a more exotic location. You can never trust the good old British weather to provide a sunny day for your wedding, so jetting off to a sun-kissed location instead seems like a much more attractive – yet expensive – option.

However, if money isn’t too big an issue for your wedding day, take a look at five of the most exotic wedding locations in the world to make it even more memorable:

Dominican Republic

Situated in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is often overlooked for the more well-known islands such as Barbados or Jamaica, but with budget-friendly prices, stunning beaches and plenty of local traditions it’s a highly popular holiday location and – as with most Caribbean islands – it’s like paradise.


The stunning tropical island of Mauritius is becoming one of the most popular locations to exchange vows. The white sandy beaches and gorgeous weather all year around make for the most amazing setting to get married. It’s also an amazing place to experience for all of your guests, especially with plenty of 5* holidays to Mauritius with Club Med providing hotels and other advice to make the most of your time in heaven!


When you think of the term “exotic country” you almost instantly think of Hawaii. With stunning beaches, palm trees, beautiful weather and amazing scenery, you’d do well to find anyone who could argue against Hawaii being a tropical paradise. With hotels overlooking the beaches and sea, amazing local food and almost guaranteed beautiful weather it makes for the perfect exotic wedding location with the breeze flowing in off the sea through your hair on the alter.


Exotic resorts, amazing local food and plenty to see and do no matter what your idea of time away consists of, Mexico provides the ideal wedding venues no matter what your theme may be. With a typically Mexican laid back approach to life, and a natural want to party, the Mexicans are sure to help your wedding day become the most memorable of your life for all the right reasons – and the weather and beaches aren’t bad either!


The Atlantis resort in the Bahamas is famous throughout the world for being one of the most amazing locations on the planet. For that very reason it makes the list of top five wedding locations. With weather, beaches, resorts and more to die for, the Bahamas is almost made for exotic weddings.

Matt Rawlings is a travel writer based in the UK. Having travelled all around the world, Matt has seen some amazing countries with beautiful beaches, stunning architecture and better weather than back home!

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