The Top 5 Hiking Destinations in Canada

Canada is a land of beautiful landscapes and friendly, hospitable people. If you fly into Canada to take part in much of the adventure that the wild landscapes have to offer, then you collect airmiles along the way, before you add hiking miles to your hiking life list. There is truly much to add to a hiker’s life list in Canada, and this article will review the top 5 in the country.

1. Jasper National Park

This national park is the largest protected area in the country, with a whopping 11,228 miles of pure, unadulterated wilderness. There are a wide variety of ecosystems in the area, from alpine meadows to steep peaks and valleys. Also known as the “gentle giant” of the Rocky Mountain range, it can offer hikers a milder or introductory taste of the Rocky Mountain wilderness. There are over 1,000 kilometres of trails within Jasper National Park, meaning you could spend a lifetime exploring just this one wilderness.

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2. Banff National Park

This is one of Canada’s most popular hiking destinations, thanks to its proximity to the town of Banff. Many hikers make Banff their base camp, and from there make several day hikes into the national park at will. There are lush, verdant forests, as well as huge glacial lakes with crystal clear waters. Guided tours are also available for those willing to venture further into the wilderness, with protection from Grizzly bears and wolves that call the park home.

3. Wells Gray Country 

Located in British Columbia, this place is a favourite and often remembered as the highlight of any hiking trip. It lays claim to some of the most incredible views that Canada has to offer, thanks to looming canyons and booming rivers and waterfalls (including Niagara Falls). Bear watching is another popular activity in this park, and naturalists are willing to take people on guided tours to see these wonderful beasts in their natural habitat.

4. Pacific Rim National Park

This is another popular hiking destination thanks to its diversity and uniqueness – not so much mountaineering, as offering lowland forests and Pacific shorelines for those who want a different taste than the Canadian Rockies.

5. Long Range Traverse, Gros Morne National Park

The Long Range Traverse is a 35 km long trail that allows hikers to explore a variety of the best of what Canada has to offer: coastline, cliffs, lowland forest, and beautiful gorges. Allow yourself at least 3 days for this through-hike.

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