Top 3 Family Experiences in Majorca

What makes a truly memorable family holiday? A combination of great weather, beautiful beaches and crystal clear water? If this is your idea of the perfect family holiday then look no further than Majorca in the Balearic Islands. A great winter sun destination in Europe, Majorca continues to be a popular choice for family holidays and it’s easy to see why. But the island offers more than just a great beach holiday. Here are the top 3 activities for families to do in Majorca.

Palma Aquarium

If you only have time to do one thing as a family in Majorca, make sure it’s a visit to the Palma Aquarium. There’s plenty to see and do here with 55 aquariums to explore, not to mention spending time at the touch pools, while visiting at feeding time is a must. Discover both the Mediterranean and tropical waters and see an incredible array of colourful creatures. The Palma Aquarium is also home to the greatest collection of live coral and deepest shark tank in Europe – those brave enough can swim with the sharks! There are more than just the aquariums to enjoy here too. Walk through authentic jungle surroundings and tropical forests complete with cascading waterfalls and piranhas to reach one of the largest rooftop gardens in Europe where the family can relax in the sun.

Katmandu Park

For a great variety of entertainment all in one place, Katmandu Park has something for everyone. There’s a fantastic selection of rides and attractions to choose from like The House, a mix of weird and fun experiments with a huge focus on interactivity like the ‘aquarium’ – just watch out for shark attacks… 3D is so last year; have a unique experience in 4D! Sit back in your moving chair and immerse yourself and your senses into five fun worlds full of mystery and wonder. Step back into the Wild West in Desperados and win back the town in a saloon stand-off or battle against Zombies at XD Dark Ride. After all that fun, head to Tequila Ville which serves a variety of cuisines from around the world.

Jungle Parc

Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine at Jungle Parc. This adventure park covers an impressive nine hectares of forest to create a thrilling circuit amongst the tree tops. If you’re scared of heights, don’t fret, there are two levels of difficulty with 40 exercises so you can still have plenty of fun at a lower height off the ground. For the daredevils in the group, the Extremo course will challenge your bravery. The Piratas course is specifically designed for younger members of the family aged 4 to 11. There are 40 exercises to choose from with seven difficulty levels. If your children can’t get enough of tree life, the park also offers tree house building services!

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