Top 5 Magaluf Clubs and Bars

All bow down to the king of cheap clubbing holidays since… forever. Magaluf getaways are known for being as economically friendly as your local 99p shop. If you and your mates are looking for a stand up session in the sun next summer, the Balearics are the island to hit.

What’s more insane than Magaluf’s low package prices? Well, the huge array of cheap and downright charmin’ Magaluf clubs, pubs and bars. Spoilt for choice doesn’t even touch it.

Everyone who is anyone has been seen in BCM, the hottest club in Magaluf. Check the schedule as soon as you touch down for deets on foam party nights and more.

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Themed fun, anyone? Of course. Dedicated to all the Pammy and Hoff wannabes of the world, get your red swimwear on and prepare to party and check out the Baywatch Bar on BCM Square.

Slap bang in the middle of Majorca’s huge strip, Lennons is one of the best loved bars around. Whether you’re planning a night at BCM square, or you’re hopping from joint to joint, Lennons is definitely a must-do for at least a couple of bevvies.

Right at the bottom of the strip, the Red Lion Bar is the number one party place in Magaluf. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to start off a night of crazy carnage, or somewhere cool enough to stay rooted all night long, Red Lion is the bar to be in.

Summer anthems, cheesy tracks, with a bucking bronco thrown into the mix – that’s when you know you’ve hit Coco Bongos.

We all know you’re meant to be working while you check your Facey and Google Magaluf holiday shizzle, don’t deny it. If you’re going to doss about, at least doss about while doing something useful, and book your ticket to Magaluf clubs online.

The lowest prices on cheap clubbing holidays 2013 are on the ‘tinernet now. Get booking.

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