Top 5 Reasons to Choose Norwegian Cruise Line

There is no denying that a cruise is one of the ultimate ways to travel. Not only do you have amazing accommodations, but you are able to sight-see in different locations without needing to pack and unpack, or race to make your flights and trains from one city to the next. Norwegian Cruise Line is continually ranked as one of the best cruise companies to use, thanks to their fantastic amenities, modern facilities, great dining and more. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose Norwegian Cruise Line:

1. Free Style Cruising: Instead of having a set itinerary, meals and activities for your trip, Norwegian Cruise Lines does things a little differently. The free style cruising means that you can pick whichever option sounds best to you at the time, whether that’s a casual burger by the pool or a formal sit down dinner.

2. Exciting Nightlife: Many travellers worry that after dinner, the atmosphere will die down leaving you bored. This couldn’t be further from the truth on Norwegian Cruises. After your evening meal, you can opt to see a Broadway style show, go dancing, visit the casino or relax in one of the bars. There is an option for everyone, and certainly no chance for you to get bored at night.

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3. Freestyle Daily Newsletter: How can a newsletter be that exciting? It gets delivered to your cabin each morning, and on it you’ll find an extensive list of what activities are going on that day. It’s an exciting way to choose from some amazing recreational activities, fitness classes, cooking seminars and more. Join in with some pool volleyball, a Wii tournament in the game room or even an improve theater class.

4. Countless Destinations: Wherever it is in the world that you want to explore, Norwegian can take you there. Some of the most popular destinations to enjoy a cruise include the Mediterranean, the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii and Alaska. There is even an option to take a Transatlantic cruise, which is reminiscent of the liners like Queen Elizabeth II, and a lost era of elegance and glamor.

5. Delicious Dining Options: Some Norwegian Cruise ships have as many as 21 dining options on-board – meaning there is no way you could ever get bored with the selection. In the mood for steak? There’s a restaurant for that. As there is for sushi, Italian cuisine, casual burgers or pizza, and even an Asian Fusion buffet. Whatever it is you’re craving, there is a chance to enjoy it on-board. Plus, you can order anything to eat in your room at any time, 24 hours a day.

With so many reasons to choose Norwegian Cruise Line for your next trip, what are you waiting for?

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