Travel to Arizona

Traveling in the US is a dream come true among other people, if you are planning to spend time and  tour in the US consider doing it in Arizona, its capital and largest city is Phoenix.

On visiting to Arizona you can have a day tour in Grand Canyon  from Phoenix, it is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It dominates the Northern Arizona landscape. Stretching 277 miles across the high plateaus and plunging up to 6,000 feet into the arid plateau, the canyon was shaped and carved by the constant motion of the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon features three or four eras of geological time as well several layers of fossil records, several variety rock types, numerous caves and several major ecosystems.

Aside from day tour and exploring the grand Canyon, you can also spend time visiting national monuments,  national parks and forest, the Arizona State Parks also offer an array of options for outdoor enthusiasts.

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