Travel to San Diego

If you have been to Orlando and want to plan another family getaway you should consider traveling to San Diego, which is known for its ideal climate and miles of beaches.  It is also well known for its part in the wildlife conservation movement, being home to a SeaWorld theme park and the “world-famous” San Diego Zoo and Safari Park.

Photo credit Joanna DiBona

San Diego is a top choice destination for a fun filled  family vacation because aside from adventure in the wild you will also have chance to enjoy the beach and visit  many wonderful places. Visiting San Diego is an  excellent combination of  adventure, enjoyment and combined historical and cultural contents because if you don’t know yet San Diego is not that far from the location of the Mexican border which is right across from Tijuana. That made San Diego remarkable due to its legacies from the times of Mexican wars until present days.

Few of the places you can visit is Balboa Park were you’ll find an expansive campus of museums, gardens, parks, the beautiful beautiful clock tower and you can also see  the neoclassical Spanish architecture.  San Diego Zoo is also located in Balboa Park with over 100 acres of display and habitats.

2 Responses to “Travel to San Diego”

  1. Tina says:

    I heard raves of Balboa Park and San Diego Zoo, I think maganda talaga dyan..

  2. genny says:

    would love to visit Florida one day…i hope it will happen for real..