Traveling and Eating Out

If mom’s home cooking brings you right back to that house on Hickory Lane and the smell of breakfast on a summer morning, what does spaghetti Bolognese do? What about Pad Thai? Vietnamese noodles? German sauerkraut and a delicate veal sausage? Salmon pate with caviar? Explosively hot curry? Unless your mom is an overambitious gourmet cook, these could either bring you back to restaurants you’ve tried or, if you’ve got the life many dream of, each one brings into focus a whole day in a country whose cuisine is blowing you away along with the scenery, the people, the fragrances, and the language.

Travel and Eating Out

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People who have discovered the power of sense memories and have the ability to accumulate them are a special sort. Some of them go on television or write books trying to relay what it means to them to recall the cities and countrysides of the world. They tell us how to reproduce the dishes they’ve enjoyed, or they show us images and describe their experiences. Even second hand it’s priceless. Most likely, for many of them it’s something they have to do, just as writers have to write, and sharing it is both a joy and a way to recoup some of the expenses.

We say they “love to travel,” but except for exotic sailing ships perhaps and an adventure lifestyle, most of the enjoyment is at the destination. They know where to go, and how to get there so that they can enjoy every bite of the experience. When people see someone as practical as Chef Gordon Ramsay browbeating junior chefs, then waxing poetic about a dish he’s sampling, romantic and visionary as Julia Child, or others such as Burt Wolf, Chantal Royer, Anthony Bourdain and Dana Klitzberg who all love to travel and sample life fully, it inspires them to live every day fully, and to dream of all that life has to offer.

It is said that smell and its relative, taste, create some of the deepest, most satisfying memories in our lives. It’s no wonder that people will set out across the globe to experience life and bring home these delicious and unique experiences.

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