Travelling Less Would Mean Travelling More Often

Ideally, for a traveller to be able to travel to as many places as possible, he or she would need lots of time and more importantly, money. However, for a budget traveler who wants to explore the world on a tight budget, searching for the cheapest airfare and hotels is a must.

If you are going to travel by air to your destination, be it national or international, it is generally cheaper to book your flight closer (around three weeks) to the departure date, rather than 6 months out. Savings are generally 5-10%.

Aside from booking your flights later, it can be quite helpful if you have a friend in the country you plan to visit. You might be able to save money on accommodation by having your friend look for cheap places to stay or perhaps you can even stay with your friend.

Another way to save money is by looking for personalized deals online. However, don’t immediately go to the travel agency websites. Start by checking out personal travel blogs or websites dedicated to travel and find out which travel agencies are reliable, trustworthy, and affordable. If you’re looking for discounts on accommodation, you may find voucher codes here.

When it comes to eating cheaply, you can save money by bringing along food such as cup of noodles or other lightweight, non-perishable food items during your travel. You can also find cheap food at hawker stalls, food courts, or local fast food outlets.

By sticking to budget saving trips, you’ll most likely be able to travel to more places.

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One Response to “Travelling Less Would Mean Travelling More Often”

  1. I agree with you that’s why when we travel we book for a budget hotel to have more budget to explore to some places.