Upcycled Travel Items Every Wanderlust Would Love To Have

These days, upcycling has become a big trend in various industries. It has become so big that it is now starting to invade the fashion as well as the travel industry.

For people who are not aware about what upcycling is, this is a process in which you reuse an object in a way that you would be able to create a product that has a higher value or quality than that of the original item. With this new trend, everyone is given the chance to not only reuse old items but to find better use for them.

Nowadays, things are starting to be upcycled into travel items that you can most certainly find a use for. Here are some of them:

Upcycled travel pouches  and bags

There is now a company that recreates rubber rubbish into travel gears such as bags and pouches. Surprisingly, such items are considered not only functional but tough as well. This helps people not only to be environmentally aware but fashionable as well.

Woman Traveling

Upcycled travel game boards

DVD and CD cases are now becoming a lot more useful as well. Some upcycling experts have figured out a way on how to turn such useless items into travelling checkers or chess, coloring kit and even travel mazes. With these useful and handy items, you will surely not going to be bored on your trip! You can also try making the most out of your old CDs and DVDs by selling them online.

Upcycled Travel Condiment Tubes

People have also found a way to turn straws into travel sized condiment tubes where you can store your toothpaste, shampoo, lotion and conditioner.

Have fun traveling with your up cycled travel items!

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