What to do in New York

One of the most iconic structure in the United States is the Statue of Liberty, it dominates the New York city harbor and  symbolized as freedom for all the people to have a better life. If you are planning to travel to New York one of the things you could do is to take a boat to Liberty island to see the statue up close, you can buy the ticket with admittance to the statue and its museum.

[Image from wikipedia.com]

New York has some of the best museums in the world.  Most of the museums are run by the city  and only ask donations for entrance fee including the Metropolitan Museum, while  private Museums like Museum of Modern Art can be very expensive.  In addition New York has also hundreds of small galleries that can be found through out the city remarkably  in Williamsburg and Chelsea. Most of this museums and galleries are closed on Monday so you have to make sure to plan your itinerary well.

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