Where To Find A Fun And Classy Restaurant In Downtown Toronto

So you’ve heard about Toronto and want to see what this renowned, eclectic city in Canada has to offer. If you are there on holiday, there are countless of tourist attractions worth visiting such as the St. Lawrence Market, which is recognized in the top 25 best food and wine markets in the world. There is also the enormous Royal Ontario Museum, which also makes its name onto world-class lists in the category of museums. However, amidst all this sightseeing, there’s no doubt that you’ll be getting hungry, and a rule of thumb while traveling is that you don’t ever pass up on a great dining experience.

There are a wide selection of eateries, restaurants, and bars all over Toronto, but one particular place you won’t want to be missing out on is The Drake Hotel. Self-evident from its title, The Drake Hotel acts as a quality, boutique-styled accommodation spot in addition to its top-rated and renowned dining services. What exactly is a “boutique hotel”? It is only the best way to experience Toronto at its best, as such hotels are all about splendor, style, and full-service at all times. While staying in Toronto, your lodging should match this city’s famed uniqueness. However, even if your staying location is not at The Drake, you are always welcome to experience the superb service in one of the best Toronto restaurants just downstairs of this lovely auberge.

Dining in Canada

Furthermore, you may or may not know that The Drake Hotel’s restaurant and bar is one of the hottest places to be when it comes to Toronto nightlife and music. With seven stylish venues to find your seating in, you will also discover some great life performances from talented local and non-local musicians and bands. You can never go wrong with live music while in the city of Toronto. With all this in consideration, and, not to mention this location’s late night hours, The Drake Hotel stands out from the rest of Toronto restaurants and hotels when it comes to being classy, modern, and plainly, a whole lot of fun.

When it comes to all restaurants, obviously one of the greatest contributors in determining what’s really worth your time is the quality of service. At The Drake Hotel, you will find that this standard of measurement is unmatched. With a staff trained to be efficient and amicable, your experience at this restaurant will undoubtedly be one to rave about well after you leave. Don’t miss out on this fantastic dining experience if you ever find yourself in the amazing city of Toronto. The high caliber service, great music, late night hours, and overall elegant yet warm and inviting atmosphere of The Drake Hotel makes it undoubtedly one of the best restaurants to visit during your Canadian adventure. Visit www.thedrakehotel.ca/dining today for more information and to view extensive menu options!

 Francis Jodden is an avid jetsetter, foodie, and travel & culture blogger. Francis writes about his favorite destinations and local finds in Canada and abroad. Francis considers The Drake Hotel to be a must when visiting Toronto. Visit Thedrakehotel.ca dining for more information and to view The Drake’s menus!

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