Which is More Fun Las Vegas or Los Angeles?

What’s with the rivalry? Well, it makes sense that these two big and booming cities are always being compared to each other. Both have the entertainment feel of what living the American dream is like. It goes without saying that “while Hollywood is in Los Angeles, Planet Hollywood is in Las Vegas.” Both destinations are wildly serious in treating their tourists for some hell of an adventure. If you’ve got the thing for living in the fast lane, then there’s more to these cutthroats why these are the two best American hotspots today.

Las Vegas is the so-called Sin City and the gambling capital of the world. Wherever you gaze, you can’t make mistakes with the stupendous and the luminous skyline of the city when midnight unfolds. From one skyscraper to another, huge hotels, resorts and casinos are scattered everywhere like fireflies like it didn’t matter whether the Mayan prophecy was a travesty or something horrendous to have loomed over. The goers in this city don’t mind either.

True enough, Las Vegas doesn’t scrimp on fun and gusto for everyone who can afford them. This is the place that you would want to be in when the end of the world is near. Just make sure you got plenty of money so you won’t regret gambling all day. Playing free video poker is just  addicting.

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On the other hand, Los Angeles is the hometown of the notorious Hollywood sign which has become the all-time favorite fixture for tourists and even the local residents. It’s kind of entertainment is a lot different than what you get in Vegas. Paris Hilton, who doesn’t sound entertaining at all (if you ask the commoners in her community), is part of the huge pack of movie and TV screen entertainers that have been living the extravagant life in Hollywood.

Major TV programs are stationed in L.A. Such as the Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Ellen Degeneres Show. Indeed, Los Angeles’ main ticket to worldwide popularity is its extensive list of moguls from the entertainment and media industry with home addresses in Hollywood, Bel Air, Beverly Hills and Malibu.

So, which is more fun and entertaining between L.A. and Vegas?

It only boils down to whether you prefer playing with dices to get over with last minute bankruptcy or being entertained with the spotlight and gossips that surround your prominent neighbors. Either way can be fun… if you’re taken in for the ride.

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