Why Wales? Why on Earth Not!

Something that the people of Wales never get used to is the way in which the suggestion of a holiday in their fair country is all too often greeted with the response of “Why?” Of course, with a million and one destinations to choose from across the UK and beyond it is fair to ask what makes any place so special, but in the case of Wales this “Why?” is usually accompanied by something of a sneer and/or snigger.

For some reason, the people of the UK for the most part seem to write-off the idea of a trip to Wales year after year, favouring instead their standard self catering holiday cottages in Cornwall  they’ve been frequenting since they were children. The thing is, if they knew exactly what they were missing out on they’d probably rethink, therefore the following bits constitute an effort to give a definitive answer to the “Why Wales?” question once and for all:

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Some countries boast a decent length of history to get involved in and many have castles they are proud of. Considering the size of Wales, try disagreeing how incredible it is that there are no less than 641 castles to visit across the land. That’s not a misprint – 641 castles. Inspiration comes as standard.


If golf happens to be your bag, Wales offers the opportunity to play on any number of courses flanked by stunning hills and watched over by the aforementioned 641 castles – there isn’t a backdrop in the world that can compare. Also, there just so happens to be the 2010 Ryder Cup course, for anyone interested.


In Wales, a short drive is all it take to travel from spectacular rugged bays to majestic mountain tops, or from idyllic countryside hideaways to booming cosmopolitan city life. You’re guaranteed to be in your element, and if not, just drive down the road until you are!

Life Aquatic

Wales also boasts no less than six cruise ports from which short trips and organised excursions can be taken by anyone looking to escape the land for a few hours…maybe a few days.


Anyone with a taste for hiking will be right at home with three national trails, of which the Pembrokeshire Coast Path just last year took home an award after being recognised as one of the best in the world.


Melt in the mouth slow-grow black beef accompanied by quality wines the likes of which are the envy or Europe, this is once country that is fiercely proud of its cuisine. Wales offers everything from street food markets to Michelin Star restaurants.


Wales is also one of the best places to visit in the UK for a first-hand experience of life underground, with year-round tours of coal, copper, slate and even gold mines.

Add to the above the fact that Wales can be reached from any UK city with ease, some of the lowest average accommodation prices in Britain and a world-renowned warm and welcoming population and it really is about time to put away the “Why Wales?” questions for the time-being at least.

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