Why You Should Learn Spanish

35O million people can’t be wrong and that is how many Spanish speaking people there are on the planet. Have you ever considered that you could be one of them? Learning Spanish can bring you many advantages. It will help you the world over, no matter what continent you travel to. In the US, in particular, the speaking of Spanish is becoming more and more prevalent. Then, of course, the whole of South America will open up to you in ways that you could only dream of now. Add that to the vibrant country that is Spain itself and even islands such as the Canaries and parts of the Caribbean. Here are some great reasons to study a new language and Spanish in particular.

Learning another language makes you smarter

It’s true, and what is more, it is scientifically proven. If you learn another language, you will be less likely to suffer from dementia as you get older. You will open up and exercise new parts of the brain. You will become more mentally agile, and your whole thinking process will be refreshed and stimulated. You will be smarter and less likely to suffer mental decline.

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Spanish is an easy language to learn

Many people can vouch for this. Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn. One reason is that it is spelt the same way it sounds. As soon as you get used to one or two different ways of pronouncing certain syllables, Spanish sounds like it is written. The roots of many Spanish words share similar sounds and meanings with words in French and English. Spanish grammar is one of the least complicated to learn.

Learning Spanish will open your cultural understanding.

If you can speak Spanish, your understanding of the Spanish influence on the world around you will change. Everything from newspapers and media will be accessible to you. You will be able to read some of the masters of Spanish literature in their tongue. You will be opened up to the world that gave us such heavyweights as Goya and Picasso. The influence of Spanish food is huge in global cuisine. Imagine being able to walk into a restaurant in Buenos Aires or Barcelona and order off the menu!

Spanish will help your business.

The business world will open up to you. Learn Spanish and you will be able to converse easily with employees, business associates and fellow workers.  Being bilingual makes you instantly more marketable. Having another language at your disposal makes you an attractive proposition and your CV will look better.

When you speak a language like Spanish, a whole new world opens up to you on your travels and in your day to day business. You will be able to converse with hotel staff, cab drivers and enjoy museum shows and restaurants. As soon as you make the effort Spanish speaking people will open up and respect you. You will be made to feel welcome. At 350 million people it’s not exactly an exclusive club.  But you will be able to negotiate it easily as that rarity; a bilingual person who has made the effort.

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