Wilderness Adventures: How to Use Videos When You’re in the Middle of Nowhere

More than 25 million Americans choose to experience roughing it out in nature every year. Leaving the comfort of home and going into the wilderness to spend a couple of nights in a sleeping bag can be great for health. Camping gets you out of the city and to a place where the air is cleaner. It can improve your mental health by lowering stress and putting you back in touch with basic human skills like walking, running and climbing, too.

Many people love camping, simply for the way it forces them to learn basic life skills. You can’t go out into the wilderness without learning how to pitch a tent, build a fire and perform basic first aid.

YouTube to the rescue

In the past, learning these skills for the first time used to be a problem. You had to have someone show you the ropes. Today, YouTube has become the best teacher that anyone who needs to learn a life skill can hope for. YouTube brims with videos that teach every kind of life skill that you could ever need when you go out camping.


What if there’s no Internet out in the wild?

People often face a little area of practical difficulty learning from YouTube. While they do find videos that teach them all the skills they need, they are too inexperienced to be able to absorb what they see. They need their instructional videos with them, guiding them through each process when they are out there.

Fortunately, software exists today that allows you to download any copyright-free YouTube video (YouTube offers millions of them) to view without an Internet connection. You simply need to install software like YouTube Download, visit website resources that contain the videos you need and download them to your phone, iPad or anything else. Remember to respect IP.

You can go all out and build an off-line catalog that contains videos on every single survival skill you could ever want. If you happen to be out in the middle of the night, dealing with a strange insect bite, you can always look up a previously downloaded video on insect bites and learn what to do. The possibilities are endless. Here are a few of the useful survival skills that you can find amateur instructional videos on.

Finding a good campsite

Deciding on a good spot to pitch your tent requires experience. You need to be able to tell if it is a low-lying area that can get underwater if it rains, if there are dangerous insects nearby and so on. You can find good amateur videos on YouTube that teach you these skills.

Pitching a tent or building another kind of shelter

Since tents can be too heavy to carry around when you hike, you may need to simply build a shelter on your own sometimes. You need to find a dead tree, collect small dead branches and build a lean-to. Since hypothermia is a real danger out in the open, you must learn to insulate the floor of your shelter with dry leaves. Videos can teach you these complex skills.

Finding portable water

Not knowing how to identify contaminated water can be a killer when you are out in the wild. You need to be shown what kinds of water sources are safe and how to purify water when you can’t find a clean source. You even need to learn how to use a transpiration bag to harvest the water vapor that escapes from the plants around you.

Getting started building a personal catalog of useful videos

It can take some work learning to identify the most useful videos. Over time, though, you should have a winning collection that can see you through any crisis.

Paul Moss is an outdoorsman. He loves to write about how to thrive in the great outdoors on adventure blogs.

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